Mouse movement disabled when switch Pawns using Posses function

Pawn A has touch controls and camera look with mouse movement.
Pawn B is the UE UFO, which has camera look with mouse movement and keyboard to fly.

This is what happens:

In level blueprint I posses “B” and camera look doesn`t work.
Then, back to Pawn “A” and Look around is not working neither anymore. I just can “double click and move”,

When pawns are alone. Works normally.

Here a video: - YouTube
Please Help!

you might be doing something else wrong. the possess logic works fine, this was reproduced on a fresh sample.

It might be because of your Touch Input macros may still be tracking even after you change possession since it’s tied to the tick and it didn’t look like you were deleting / spawning in Pawns nor disabling tick, so the old one might be interfering locking the view since it doesn’t have a controller.

Although doesn’t explain why it works the first time around, but that may be because Pawn B doesn’t get “activated” until you actually possess it (and at that point Pawn A is still ticking).

I’d try disabling / enabling tick of the pawn when you posses the other.

Thanks for your response and time. It seems problem refers more to pawn A, wich use an Event Tick…

I will try that tonight. Thank you!

Ok, i`ve not tested disabling tick yet, but directly, to destroy the Pawn A so there is no more tick tracking activity at all.

After that, I posses Pawn B (UFO) and problem persist, no mouse movement.
It´s like move mouse events in UFO Blueprint are affected in some way with previous existense of Pawn A…

…This is starting to worry me.

SparkyMcSparks, just as you said Event ticks is affecting.

My worry have dissapear once i undestood what`s going on.

Since im using a BP: Player Controller class in Game Mode seted for "Pawn A", Its used for “Pawn B” Too.

When I delete these connections, “Pawn B” works normally.
In conclusion i would need to avoid / bypass these conections for Pawn B

I know it could be simple to be done, but i`m a noob. So I need help on how to achieve this.

i wish i could help a little more but im kinda lost here. just one thing…is the MyPawn asignation actually working? my guess is that you are stuck to that MyPawn (which is being used in the macro) and never unassign it after the repossess of the other pawn, so thats why the controller is still sending the input to that pawn. makes no sense tho, as you still should be able to move the repossesed pawn (but replicating the movement?), but makes sense since, if you avoid this logic, it works.
TL;DR: im probably making no sense

I would use Event Possessed / Event Unpossessed to set a bool on Pawn A when it’s possessed, and then inside your player controller on the Tick the very thing is check on the Pawn variable if the bool is set and if true continue executing the rest of the logic you have.

I din`t know about Possess Events! I go for it.
Thank you.

SparkyMcSparks, that was the solution.
Thanks to you and thanks to jblaswu very very much!