Mouse Movement Detection Unresponsive

Hi all,

I have implemented click&drag panning for a topdown camera overview, using "GetMousePosition" (link) (in C++) to keep the mouse cursor on the same relative location. It behaves similar to blueprint RMB and drag around.

However, There is a noticeable jitteriness in the movement. In fact, when slowly moving the mouse, I can get the cursor to move over 10 pixels without GetMousePosition actually providing any different output result.

Seems like an engine bug but maybe there is something I can do?

I have tried other methods: Input and GetInputMouseDelta, but those show the same problem.
Also, this is not a widget.

Fixed by using functions from the UWidgetLayoutLibrary after all. Still seeing the rendered camera view ‘lag’ behind the mouse cursor - if someone knows a solution to that, I’d love to hear. Until then, I’m calling my main issue resolved.