Mouse Movement And Sword Direction Combat

If anyone have ever played The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall ,he will be familiar with this type of combat, which if you are holding a sword for instance in the game and slide the mouse in a certain direction the sword will swing in that direction. So for example, if I moved my mouse forward then the sword will do a forward stabbing animation and hit whoever is in front of me.However, I also want to make a parry system, that if 2 players swing swords at each other in opposite directions they parry and no damage is taken to either players. I can’t really think of a correct and proper way to do this. Can someone please help.

I haven’t done it myself but it would involve a bit of animation blending like how. Like how there is a blend for walking backwards and forwards in the Rifle Animation Pro set, but you have to make your own to blend with the pitch and yaw. And for parry you would likely be doing collision checks for meshes to see if one comes in contact with another, and if they are it would play a backstab animation or something and cancel the attack animations.

TL;DR - Blending animations.

I can’t really understand the whole system correctly,can you please be more specific.


Hi usfshihy,

Please do not bump threads that have not gone unanswered for 4 or more days from the last post. This clutters the forums and makes it exceedingly difficult to help anyone. To answer your question, check out this tutorial I made last year, it should help get you started on the blueprint side:

After getting this set up, the actual swings will have to be animated and you will want to normalize your mouse movement to a 0-1 scale to determine how far the player swings in each direction, etc. I hope this helps get you going!

Thank you Adam Davis, sorry for the bump.

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For others that have gone down this rabbit hole and dead ended here with a broken post link, I believe I found Adam’s tutorial here → Actions Based on Mouse Movement | Unreal Engine Community Wiki