Mouse look with Camera Animated Path (VR)

I have a blueprint that features a camera moving along a fixed path.

In the level blueprint I’ve got a keyboard command that moves the player view to that of the camera moving along the path. The camera’s rotation is locked with the animation, currently.

This is primarily used for VR. However, when not in VR, I’d like to be able to use the mouse to look around with the camera moving along the path in the blueprint. Any idea how I set that up?

What a terrible idea! That’s a classic example of how to make people sick in VR. Never move VR players or override the HMD camera!!! You make people vomit in your game. You should be forced to play your camera movement in VR yourself!

However - with no-VR you can add classic camera movement by the mouse X and Y axis. Just add pitch input from mouse Y and add yaw input from mouse X.

Can you elaborate on the node setup? That’s where I’m stuck. Also, as it says in my post, the mouse movement is for when it’s not in VR…

If you have a controller you can tick “Use Controller Rotation Pitch” in the camera. Otherwise you can directly place the Mouse events in the BP. If your camera doesn’t belong to a pawn you can also make a rotator from pitch and yaw and feed that into a set relative rotation node.

And never animate/move the VR camera. You’ll regret this.