Mouse is always on!

Hello guys, i have some kind of a beginner question, but i’m still a learner and i don’t know how to do it! :frowning:

so my problem is that i have my rts game and everything, with an RTS CAM and everything, but there is no mouse. When i press play i don’t have cursor .

My rts cam is that i control the camera with WASD and i would like to have the mouse cursor too, what don’t affect the RTS cam’s position and anything, just for picking up items, etc. can you tell me this in blueprint please? :slight_smile:

thanks :slight_smile:

To have a cursor when you begin playing you must put the “Show Mouse Cursor” node plugged on the event begin play on your character’s blueprint.

Depending on how you made the rts setup, it’s better to place it into the gamemode blueprint:


Btw, also make sure to take a look at this tutorial: (it covers everything that you need to know about a RTS cam) :slight_smile: