Mouse Interaction with UMG and CAMERA mvt

Hi all,

I would like to move the camera with the mouse, and I would like also be able to interact with some buttons from my widget blueprint, in the same level, during the play.

I created a Character bp within I set inputs mouse for camera (Yaw, Pitch) and keyboard move action (Forward, Right).
I created a PlayerController within “show mouse cursor” and “enable click event” are checked.
If I don’t click with the mouse, I can fly over the widget buttons and interact with them.
If I click on my mouse, I can move the camera and walking around my scene.
These work well, but…

My questions are :

  • I can move the camera with all of the 3 mouse buttons, left, middle and right. How can I desactivate the middle and the right buttons to avoid the camera movement only with the LMB?
  • The cursor still visible, at any time. How can I hide it when I click on the left button (when I move the camera)?

I’m very sorry for my english and I hope to be clear…
Thank you!