Mouse input values as vectors

Hi guys. I’m looking for a way in blueprint to track changes of the mouse input “position” over time, preferably as a set of XY vectors. As in:

  1. I press a key that opens a log and starts a timer
  2. I move the mouse around
  3. every move along XY is logged and stored somewhere (even better if a scalar image is also generated)
  4. I release the key - log ends, timer ends

The reason behind this is that I’m trying to set up a mechanic that will interpret my mouselook activity itself as a value that can be later stored in a variable and used by other algorithms. In other words, with the help of this data I want to make an NPCs understand whether I, say, or “nodded” or “shook my head”

So, any ideas, guys? Or maybe there is an entirely better way of dealing with such a problem? Any help appreciated!

Nevermind, cannot believe I missed this. Found a function that converts the positioning data into dots per inch float values, which is absolutely perfect for what I want to set up.

All that is left is to remove the key press event and the convert-print nodes, and build the rest of the thingy (set up the log etc). Sooo… yeah :slight_smile:

Yup, I was seconds away from suggesting exactly that.