Mouse input problem... Sudden change, at a loss.


A quick background and info for you: My game consists of one Level file that, upon completion, gets reloaded with different global parameters set in my Game Instance class before the reload.

Here’s my problem: When I first start the game, I can no longer take control of the window by clicking into it, and the only way I seem to be able to turn my character is to click with the left mouse button and drag to turn. (Movement WASD keys work just fine, of course.)

Now, when I complete the first level, and it reloads itself with the parameters for the second level, I’m suddenly able to click into it with the mouse button and the mouse works perfectly. (I’m even getting the message in the upper left about releasing mouse control.) I’m at a total loss as to why this stopped working for the initial load of the level yet works for the reload.

I’ve been doing UI work and adding my menus, but I’ve already gone through and removed every instance that would enable/disable input or set input to any sort of UI/Game mode.

I would appreciate hearing from ANYBODY about this with any ideas. Today is the day I decided to stop smoking, and to have unexplained things like this happening certainly isn’t helping!



Glad to know my problems are unique enough that nobody else has an answer or a suggestion or anything.

For the moment I fixed it by reloading the level when I hit the play button. Since it’s the second load of the level, the mouse-look works like it’s supposed to. The level load wouldn’t otherwise be necessary, but because everything is generated completely on the fly, it’s pretty instant, so it’s not even noticeable. I guess I can live with this if there’s no other suggestions as to why it otherwise only allows me to click and drag to mouse-look.

Had the same issue sort of in reverse with mouse look working on initial level load and them vanishing when I changed level, I fixed it by adding “Set Input Mode Game Only” to my game instance after level load with player controller as target.