Mouse Input Only Works When Clicked

I hate to re-post but I asked this question and it seems like it has been forgotten. I made a 3D object that I want to move when the mouse is moved. The problem is that the object only moves when a mouse button is held. If I move the mouse when nothing is pressed, the object doesn’t move. I want the object to move from any input. It may be worth noting that when I am in the view port it says click for mouse control in the top left corner. I have no widgets and this is in my player character because I want the object to move with the player as well as the mouse. I also tried removing the consume input checkbox but it didn’t work. Please help me fix this problem, thanks! This is my blueprint:

I’ve got the exact same problem.
Sad that nobody seems to be interested for this problem… =/

Ok this happens, because somewhere you already set the “Input Mode” to UI or UI and Game. Probably because you want the cursor to unbind from the camera movement. But then when you wanna play, you have to bind the mouse input , back to the camera controller. There is a third option “Input Mode Game only”. You put this one after the mouse cursor set to hidden or etc.