Mouse Input Only Works Once

MY guess is that you have created a race condition where it doesnt know which thing happens first.

Instead of having 3 Input Fire Action handlers in the same blueprint, put a sequence node first on the only Input Fire Action event, and do the rest of your actions that rely on that in the sequence order you want. I dont know if that will fix it but it will remove uncertainty of whether one fire event handler is.executing before or after the others.

ALSO if you click the input action nodes you will see there is a checkbox “Consume Input”.
If one event handler consumes tbe input before the others fire, they will not fire at all.

Hey guys,

So i was creating a aim/fore system where you could aim with Right Mouse and then fire with Left Mouse (Whilst making that same animation and fire if i only press the left mouse)
But there was a problem, when i start the game i can aim/fire only once with the Right Mouse or Left Mouse, after that i must use both buttons at the same time or clicking twice in one of them.

Can someone help me please?

Thanks mate but it didn’t work. Well you helped me with using the sequence, cuts those extra 2 Input Fire Actions, although i checked it and it does not happen in the Project Example Map (TopDownExampleMap) i’ve checked HUD for no hit detection, the input is on game only, and it only happens with the mouse.
It’s really odd.

I found what the real problem was.

I had the input to “Game Only” changing it to Game and HUD fixed it, don’t know why tho.
But it did the job, so, thanks anyways mightyenigma. :smiley:

Good find. I suspected that might be the problem but i got distracted by the multiple input action events and forgot to mention it lol