Mouse in wrong place/ offset in blueprint editor Linux

Hey guys,
I seem to have a strange bug that seems to pop up every so often. I’m using a source version of engine in Linux.

The only way I can describe what is happening is to suggest that you imagine where you see your cursor on your screen, now imagine that the computer thinks the mouse is actually a couple of centimetres to the left. That’s what’s happening when I’m looking at blueprints in editor.

The photo kind of captures what I’m talking about. You see the green ‘Add Component’ box, that’s where the editor thinks my mouse is. My mouse is actually where you see the hint note “Add a new component to this actor”.

The main editor is fine, just BP editor.

Any ideas? It’s super annoying. I have to use Alt-F4 to close the BP editors.

UE4 version: 4.20.1 built from source in QT
Linux Mint 18.3 Cinnamon 64-bit
C++ project