Mouse Events not working

Using the Top Down Template as a base.

I’m trying to get the Mouse Over and Click events to register on the character that came with the template. I’ve tried following the tutorial here:

but it still isn’t working.

I’ve also tried adding the mouse over/click events on the actual Character blueprint but it’s not registering. What am I doing wrong/missing?


  1. Make sure that Enable MouseOver Events and Enable Mouse Click Events are set to True.
    Add a Get Player Controller node and drag out the nodes Set Enable Mouse Over Events and Set Enable Mouse Click Events.

  2. In order for the character to be click-able you’ll need to set the default Trace Channel to Pawn or Camera
    Right click the **MyController **blueprint and click on Edit Defaults,
    Locate the Mouse Interface tab and set Default Click Trace Channel to Pawn.


Thanks its working now.

Oh thank you, my hero! You’re saved my mind!

still not work

@real I spent 3 hours trying to figure this out, thank you for posting it!

Thank you for the trick !

still not working for me and I followed the steps :confused: