Mouse events not working with TriggerVolume

Hi, I have got a trigger volume in my project and I want to display a string on the screen once the mouse begins to overlap it and once it ends to overlap it. I have both enabled mouse klick events and mouse over events, but nothing happens. I guess that it has to do something with the collision properties of the trigger volume and I have tried out different settings but without success.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

I can only get it to work with ‘block all’

You will need to at least block *Trace Response - *Visibility:

Screenshot 2020-11-02 124312.jpg

The rest is optional. This is a default settings and can be customised in the Player Controller.

Wouldn’t work for me until I blocked all. In any case, clicking on a volume is a strange idea, because you can’t see it.

Check what your default Click Trace Channel is set to in the Player Controller, you want to block that. Visibility is the default. You will want to enable mouse over / click events, too.

Thanks you for the tip! Now it works without any problems :slight_smile: