Mouse-driven Blueprint Interface


I currently am using a version of the standard FPS MyCharacter Blueprint for my Character which works very well. But I also want to have accessible Interfaces which you are controlable with the mouse.
So you are walking/running around like always press key or something and then access a Mouse driven area/interface with mouse-over effects and all that good stuff.
But I just can’t get it working. I tried getting the “MI_Playercontroller” Blueprint and tried somehow having a fuctions to change the PlayersController to the MouseDriven one but there doesn’t seem to be any option to do so.
I wonderd if I might could integrate mousemovement in the MyCharacter Blueprint and just deaktivate it from start and activate it again when needed but as the wiki said:
And I right-click on the MyCharacter Blueprint and try to “Edit Defaults” there isn’t any MouseInterface Option. It works when creating a new ControllerClass but I don’t really want to create a hole new Blueprint with 98% of the Original and just adding the MouseInterface.
Is there anyway to get that MouseInterface back in the Defaults Options of an existing MyCharacter Blueprint?
Why has it even been removed from the MyCharacter Blueprint to begin with and not just deactivated?
Is there maybe another way in integrating the MouseInterface with some sort of Fuction I haven’t seen yet where you can switch the PlayerController while the game is running?

Hope you can help!


The mouse interface properties are members of the PlayerController while MyCharacter is a subclass of Character which doesn’t have those properties. The PlayerController controls the character.

Swapping the player controller at run time isn’t really a viable thing to do. The class to use is defined by the GameMode and is always the same for a given world. You can, however, dynamically toggle whether the mouse interface is active via functions/properties exposed on the player controller.