Mouse down location for viewport context menu?

Hey guys, is there a way to grab the mouse down location for the current context menu being built in the editor’s viewport? I found myself needing to do a custom pick into the world for the context menu I’m building up and would love to know the 2D viewport location as well as the camera where the user picked to spawn the context menu.

You should be able to use GEditor->ClickLocation and GEditor->ClickPlane to get the 3D position and normal that was clicked. However, we don’t yet expose the 2D click position. Can you give an example of what that would be used for so we can figure out the right API for it?

Oh perfect, I wanted the 2D position to do the pick myself. Those give me what I need. The only other additional thing I was going to try and get with the pick is the actual Actor you clicked on. Right now I infer it from the first selected actor.

Oh and the example use of it was for my plugin in Part 2 of the building a plugin saga. Long story short, when simulating fake damage, I want to be able to provide directionality of the damage and hit location based upon where the user clicked.