Mouse does not work on multiple monitor setup

Hi, I’m reporting this bug that has been around for months on UE based games, i tried to search for previous reports but found nothing, it’s strange because it’s so evident but I’ll report anyway, sorry if this has already been said.

On triple monitor setups, the mouse only works on the left monitor, when the fullscreen window is on the center or the right one, nothing works, the game is unresponsive. You’ll see better what I mean in the video.

I’ve seen this bug on at least two recent UE games, one of which uses UE 4.10.

Needless to say that every UE game is completely unusable now.


The system is Arch Linux, the environment is Plasma desktop

Hey Keziolio-

I was able to reproduce this as well and have entered a bug report (UE-27679) for further investigation.


Have same issue. Interesting, is there any progress with this bug …?

Hey Frod0x-

This issue is still open and being tracked on our end. I have added to the report that this is still an issue and have bumped up the community interest to reflect that.