Mouse cursor vanishes

I’d like to see if I can figure out what is going on here. When I start up my game and get to my menu, I have a mouse cursor. I have 4 buttons setup. If I hover over the buttons and click them, everything works fine. However if I am on that menu and I don’t click on a button but click somewhere else off where there is no button, my mouse cursor vanishes. If I alt Tab and go back into the game, my mouse cursor still isn’t there.

A second issue with this is if I start my game and do not click anything while in my menu and lower the window to do something else on my PC then I alt tab or click on my taskbar button to go back into the game I have no mouse cursor.

I had a similar issue. When a click happens and no UI handles it, the click is then handled by the game, hiding the cursor. The fix I found was to set Show Mouse Cursor to true for the Player Controller.

For more information, you should look at this question: UMG mouse issues

Thanks Zach, I’ll try this! :slight_smile:

Seems as though I had it already setup in my blueprints, I just forgot to tick the show mouse cursor option! It works perfect now, thanks for your help Zach! :slight_smile:

you the man!!!