Mouse Cursor problems (with using UMG)

I’m trying to put custom cursors into my game. Now I can make a UMG image move around with the mouse which seems to work fine.

Problem 1:
In my player controller I need to have my show mouse cursor enabled and have the cursor set to something other than none to be able to click on UMG buttons.
If I’m using a UMG image as a cursor I want the windows cursors to be invisible.

Problem 2:
Solving problem 1 should be fine for now BUT UMG cursors lag slightly behind the actual mouse cursor which gives the impression of mouse input lag.

I’ve tried solutions like here: How can I change the mouse cursor texture? - UE4 AnswerHub
but the problem with this is anything drawn through the draw HUD is displayed behind the UMG stuff which is far from ideal :frowning:

Hello Lazy Games,

There has been a feature request submitted to allow the mouse to be changed via the “Set Current Mouse Cursor” node. If you would like a workaround, I helped someone earlier with a similar issue. It’s not the prettiest workaround but it appears to be working. It’s a good starting point in any case. I hope it helps.

Here is the link:

Make it a great day

Thanks. The custom macro for the mouse is pretty much what I had already. I think I’ll make do with having the crosshairs cursor on for now though but still have a umg cursor to make it a bit more visible. I’ll wait for more mouse options as I just can’t get the functionality I want atm.