Mouse Cursor Issue in Vertex Painting

I am hoping that someone can assist. I’m currently assisting a user, who like many other users, is currently working from home but connecting to his office PC via Remote Desktop. While working within UE4, the user is running into an issue when painting on the right, outer edge in Vertex, the mouse cursor will jump to the left side. The issue appears to happen when he’s within two or three inches of the outer, righter edge. Now, the user stated that at the office he has a dual monitor setup. Likewise, in his home office he’s also using a dual monitor setup but from his vantage point, everything appears backwards. I connected to his home PC and we remoted to his work PC but unable to disable the dual monitor setup remotely.

Just wondering if anyone has encountered this issue and what steps were taken to resolve. Any information that can be provided to resolve this issue is greatly appreciated.