Mouse cursor is treated wrong within Editor itself

What is the right place to ask this question? Is it here?

I just compiled the editor on archlinux because I can not find a pre compiled version for linux. I did not get any errors on compilation. When I click somewhere in the editor a point way more to the upper left is selected. I chose the “Top Down template” when clicking in the m of template for example the block to the left of the player gets selected. Every other click gets recognized the same way more to the left and up than I clicked. Also my mouse cursor jumps to that new position without moving it. 100% reproducable. Clicking anywhere outside the “game window” where I can see what I guess would be the game is not recognized at all. I can click nothing outside of that window, not the Icon tour, not the file menu, not the content browser, nothing happens anywhere at all.

How to fix this? How can I get started using the unreal editor on linux?

After posting this I tested some more seeing the content editor is clickable and showing my bug(after clicking the cursor jumps, clicking again makes it jump again):

This is 100% reproducable even with different versions from git. It does not happen every time but after changing workspaces, when having multiple windows, sometimes for no apparent reason but once it is there it does not get away.

Nobody ever experienced this or knows how to fix this?

If any more information is needed I would love to give it but this gives no error message for example which I could provide. But today I found something: This seems to happen to new c++ projects only not to blueprint projects. Sadly I would like to work with c++. Having created a c+±Project so that you can see it in the start menu already triggers the bug without loading the project. I used the same folders and filenames and just deleted the folder to find this out. This is not a filename, folder or path issue. It also does NOT depend on the type of game created. Happens with every game(I only tried games not the other options).

When creating a blueprint-project, unreal opens it after creation.

When creating a c+±Project it only opens the project in a filebrowser and closes itself. After restarting unreal it says this project has some missing files or was created in another engine version. I say it should rebuild them and after it has recreated them the mousecursor is treated wrong up until I remove the newly created project folder.

Console output when creating the (c++)project:

Is this error/bug or whatever solvable with these new pieces of information?

Looking around for unreal engine or unreal editor crashing when creating a c++ project and I am at least not the only one having this problem. This opens up some deep holes. But no solution