Mouse cursor is 7 inches away from where its selecting/hovering?

In 4.22.3, When using the editor & opening a blueprint or model window, if I move the mouse cursor, it is highlighting/selecting things as if it were 7 inches away from where it actually is. Some windows can’t even be used because it’s literally clicking through them as if they weren’t there so I can’t move them, resize them or click anything on them. Restarting the editor doesn’t fix it, nor does using a new project, as it seems to be completely random if it happens or not and how far the selection will be from the cursor. This also sometimes happens in the main editor window itself as well.

Has anyone experienced this before or have an idea on how to fix it?

I didn’t fix it per say, but I got it working again but uninstalling the engine fully and reinstalling it. Seems to be a bug with this version of the engine apparently.