Mouse cursor invisible when click and drag

I’m having an issue that makes my cursor disappear everytime i click in the viewport for a fraction of a second. When click and hold it stays invisible until i release the mouse button. What could be causing this?

here is an animated gif of the issue, watch the cursor blink and disappear as i fire a projectile.

Anyone? :frowning:

I’m probably a bit late, but I was having the same problem that you were I think. I was able to fix it by using the “Set Input Mode Game and UI” function and setting the “Hide Cursor During Capture” property to false.


Thanks, this helped me.

This worked for me! I had an issue where my mouse cursor’s position would reset every time I released it. With this the cursor doesn’t reset it’s position after moving it with a click and drag, everything works fine,


YAY! “Hide Cursor During Capture” was the key for me! It’s in the BP node. Put this in your Level BP’s Event BeginPlay.
Here’s the node:

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This is the solution. But as a result, camera views would shake if its rotation is controlled by mouse drag