Mouse Cursor doesn't disappear after Pause Menu

So, I’m using UMG to do a few screens (Start Menu, Pause Menu, In Game HUD). I am having an issue with the cursor not disappearing properly right after I click on a button in my Pause Menu.

So as you can see, I am calling up the pause menu from the player controller using the ESC/Q keys , the mouse cursor shows up and I can press on my one button, but the cursor stays until I move my mouse or press my mouse buttons.

How can I just get it to work right after I press the “continue” button.

Same problem here.
When I press resume in my pause menu (to un-pause game) mouse cursor is visible until I press mouse button.
Set Show Mouse Cursor to false does nothing.

Try setting the Input back to Game Only?

“Set Input Mode Game Only”

Hope that helps! =)

I tried that and it is the same result.

I mean it helps in this case, but then it messes up menu. When you pause again you must press mouse button to start hovering menu.
It takes two clicks to open (or resume game on Resume button click) menu.

Well while experimenting on this some of the stuff worked with setting Input modes (game input mode, ui input mode and etc.).
Thanks for the idea! :slight_smile:

You could try using Set Input Mode Game Only and Set Input Mode UI Only:
To start your Starting Menu without clicking one time to control the mouse cursor, in the Level Blueprint where you create the Starting Menu.:

Then, to start the opening level without clicking one time, in the Widget Blueprint:

Hope it works for you!