Mouse cursor disappears in level editor while editing

I recently downloaded UE 4.27
I’m trying to edit a level but whenever my cursor is in the level editor it disappears and I cannot see what I am clicking on.

  • Note: this is not happening “in game”, this happens before I even click play.

I don’t remember this happening in 4.26, If anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

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I’ve been trying to work with an asset pack I got off of the UE4 marketplace, but I’ve noticed that my mouse cursor will disappear at random times when in the editor. The only thing I can piece together is that every time it happened, I was either scaling a cube or noticing that the lighting was unbuilt. It’s not that my curser just turns invisible, it’s like it completely doesn’t exist. I can’t drag it, see it, or select anything with it. It works fine with everything else on my computer though, and tends to be fine on other projects. It’s been getting really annoying and is preventing me from working on the project. Any help?

I created an empty level in UE4.27, and I placed down some basic objects. But whenever my cursor hovers over an object (or an icon) in the editor, it disappears. This is a real problem in levels with sky spheres. If anyone knows how to fix this, I’d appreciate the help.

-Note this doesn’t happen when my cursor is in light.

I just downloaded UE5 and this issue is still occurring, not sure how to fix it.
-Note: This does not happen in wireframe view unless my cursor is over one of the wires

Anyone have any suggestions?

I figured out the problem, my GPU was having issues. I had to update it.

After the 516 nvidia driver update. I have the same issuse.

I found a fix for this problem.

You can change your mouse pointer color in Windows settings and put it to customs.

And you can basically choose any color it will work fine.


this works for anyone else encountering this - such a weird bug!

This worked for me. Thanks, Windows!

Still happens in UE5 in 2024 :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Yup, UE5.3 has this issue with me, changing the system mouse pointer settings to custom works… so weird.