Mouse Crusor Enable/Disable Help

So, basically i’m using a blank template and have been making a game from scratch. I already have quiet a lot already put into it, and ran into a small issue. So, the game is set up to be in first person, camera movement by mouse… ect, the normal First Person Set up.

Now, in my game, i want it where When you push “x” it shows the mouse crusor, and can interact with the UI (Such as inventory).

I got the line of code to do that. But now, i’m a little stumped on how to get the crusor to go away, and put it back to normal controls.

Sorry if this is a very simple thing, im really new to programming. Actually only been at it 2 days :).

I’ll double check when I get home but you need to release it too. It doesn’t look right to me though. I don’t think you need to do the set input mode and ui. Sorry but I won’t be home for about 9 hours.

That’s fine. The reason i added the <Set Input Mode Game And UI> was because without it, i could press X and the cursor would show. But when i moved it, the camera wanted to follow it still, i don’t want that.