Mouse control still active while editing Blueprint

When opening a new Blueprint window, any input (attaching nodes, etc) is still active in the viewport, and moves the view accordingly if the Blueprint window is on top of the viewport.

Hi Ian,

I’m a little confused by your comment. Are you saying that when you open a new Blueprint window that input is occurring inside that Blueprint? Could you provide repro steps along with what you would expect to occur so I can better understand the issue?



Hi Wes,

I’ve attached a video showing the bug. Please note this is on a second monitor with stylus input:

  • create new blueprint, open blueprint window, move blueprint window over main viewport
  • drag blueprint window again using top tab, and the main viewport (underneath) will move with it

Thanks (445 KB)

Excellent, I now see the issue clearly.

I have taken your video and attached it to a bug report which I’ve entered into our database for tracking which our developers will review.

Thank you and please continue to post issues you encounter like this in the future!