Mouse boolean

arrg… could anyone advise on where to find this ‘SET’ option? I’ve been typing likely candidates into the search for ages and can’t find this option! heelllppp :slight_smile:


This is a variable.

If you have a boolean variable in your blueprint with the name “Can Rotate” you can search for “Set Can Rotate” or drag the variable from the variables list into your blueprint which will prompt you with the choice between “Get” and “Set”.

Ideally take a look at the documentation page I liked at the beginning. It explains everything there is to know about variables in blueprint in quite amazing detail!

Important to note: This by itself is not doing anything and has no effect unless you do something with that boolean!


thanks! I’m still a bit lost but I’ll take a look at your link - nothing is ever easy… Just for ref, I 'm trying to set-up something like this to be able to rotate the camera whilst looking at an object… I found the set-up in another Forum post.

on the bright side, I understand what you are saying and am moving forward! cheers

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got ya! Cheers :slight_smile: