Mounting a pak file created in UE 4.14 in UE 4.15


I’m trying to mount a pak file created in Unreal Engine 4.14 in a packaged project created in Unreal Engine 4.15.
Upon opening the scene created in this pak file I get the following error: “Corrupt data found, please verify your installation.”

I’m trying to mount a pak file created in UE4.14 in a UE4.15 project.
This succeeds because the logger shows the files inside the pak file. But I can’t open the scene inside it.
I can mount this scene if I convert this project to UE4.15 and create a pak file of it.

The scene itself is a very simple scene to test this functionality and contains a few basic shapes, a glass shader, player start and skysphere (I added the project as an attachment).
The PakList I used is practically the same for 4.14 and 4.15 except I don’t include ubulk or uexp files in the PakList for 4.14:

"D:\Unreal Projects\PakFileTestProject\Saved\Cooked\WindowsNoEditor\PakFileTestProject\Content\TestLevel\TestLevel.umap" "../../../SalesSuiteDevelop/Content/TestLevel/TestLevel.umap" -compress
"D:\Unreal Projects\PakFileTestProject\Saved\Cooked\WindowsNoEditor\PakFileTestProject\Content\TestLevel\TestLevel.uexp" "../../../SalesSuiteDevelop/Content/TestLevel/TestLevel.ubulk" -compress
"D:\Unreal Projects\PakFileTestProject\Saved\Cooked\WindowsNoEditor\PakFileTestProject\Content\TestLevel\TestLevel.uexp" "../../../SalesSuiteDevelop/Content/TestLevel/TestLevel.uexp" -compress
"D:\Unreal Projects\PakFileTestProject\Saved\Cooked\WindowsNoEditor\PakFileTestProject\Content\TestLevel\TransparentMat.uexp" "../../../SalesSuiteDevelop/Content/TestLevel/TransparentMat.uexp" -compress
"D:\Unreal Projects\PakFileTestProject\Saved\Cooked\WindowsNoEditor\PakFileTestProject\Content\TestLevel\TransparentMat.uasset" "../../../SalesSuiteDevelop/Content/TestLevel/TransparentMat.uasset" -compress

So my question is: are pak files created in Unreal 4.14 incompatible with Unreal 4.15 projects?
Is this something that might change in the future so that newer engines support older dlc content (pak files)?

Thanks in advance!

On my project, the Packaged 4.15 version crash when trying to mount 4.14 paks.
The opposite is also true. 4.14 project crashes mounting 4.15 pak.

Packaging on 4.15 adding the .uexp and .ubulk (for textures) files mounts successfully on 4.15 project.

So, I think we can say that 4.14 projects will only mount 4.14- paks. And 4.15 Projects will only mount 4.15 paks. Haven’t tested 4.16 yet.