Mountain House

3d envirement using 3d max for modeling. Realtime video - Matinee.


verry beautiful it just blows me up amazing work

Very nice! My one crit is the trees and grass could sway to the wind a lot more.

Very nice stuff, I personally didn’t like that the cricket kept cricketing whilst doing the camera work. Looking forward to future works! :slight_smile:

Well done! Loved the wood texture, both house and chopped wood.

That is one beautiful house. I really like how the towels move.

DUDE. great

Amazing work marfuse! That house looks great and makes me want to take a vacation to visit. Keep up the great work!

Good job!!! :smiley:

I like the semi-cartoonish angular designs of the home in particular…

That is one beautiful house. I really like how the towels move.

For Towels use apex cloth plugin.

I like the mixture of caricature and realism you were able to get in this. Great work!

Thanks so much for sharing this… I have not tried an outdoor scene yet in UE4 but I have some questions about your tree and vegetation material set up. In the old UDK I saw that artist were creating their own custom lighting set up in the material and then passing that along in the shader in the custom lighting area, as far as I understand this isn’t current possible with this version on UE4. I have heard artist saying that you need to pass the custom lighting into the emissive slot in the material. Is this how you achieved your look with the trees and vegetation? Would you mind explaining your material set up a bit? Thanks for any help with this and very beautiful work! :slight_smile: