Mountain farmers field - A foliage scene

Hi all!

This is a scene I am working on, testing out more foliage and playing around with the GI and the dynamic lights, also trying to utilize the PBR rendering more.
There are still some assets to be created, and a lot of lighting tweaks. But I am fairly satisfied with the composition right now, but who knows, I might be blind on my own work, so feedback is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


Cleaned up a little bit on the grass and bushes, making it a bit more logical when it comes to how it grows naturally. So I added some straw grass, and some other kinds of plant, also made the grass smaller.

Some of the assets in the scene :slight_smile:

Nice work! little bit of feedback the fern tree could do with looking a bit more “bushy” if you get what i mean, but everything else looks nice i really like the plant in the third image!

Ah thank you! :slight_smile:
Yeah getting those ferns and spruces bushy enough while still keeping a reasonable poly count is pretty challenging. For me, the planes with a fern needles gives me a very plain looking result. I can probably go by and adding more depth to the roughness and normal map between the needle branches. But what I ended up doing for the tree above was having several needle branches instead of one big plane with a texture.
Maybe when they are stacked in a group it will yield a more bushy result? :slight_smile:

Added the round bales for the field, as it is freshly harvested. Also played around with the lighting a bit. I must say I like the low morning sun look