Mount Shuksan

Hi guys,

I decided to recreate the Shuksan Mountain (Whatcom County, Washington) from the view of Heather Meadows.
Hope you like.

Have a good day! :slight_smile:

Outch ! Fantastic ! Will you release this on the Marketplace?

Is this all just Unreal engine images ? The third one looks photo realistic, I guess this is not a picture but really very close.

I live about 40 minutes from Artist’s Point and have stood in that spot many times. You nailed it! Great work, and if you are looking for a project, Im creating a game in Bellingham WA and would love a local(ish) map designer. :slight_smile:

So very beautiful.

This an impressive indertaking, how many hours want into the project?

Beautiful view.
Did you recreate it from pictures, or you went there to study the environment before to recreate it in Unreal?

Beautiful! It makes me want to walk around there.

Ah yes, picture lake. I love this spot when there aren’t too many tourists there :wink:
Great job!

Love it! Everything is in harmony. Beautifull colour palette too!

Shoutout to Whatcom County!

I’d love to see this on the marketplace if you’re willing to post it.

I love that place! Grew up in Whatcom County.

Looks amazing!

There are all sorts of architectural visualizations so it is good to see nature visualizations too.