Mount fails Mobile Patching

I was able to download and Install Content following the [Mobile Patching Utility][1].
But Mount content is not working Get Installed Content is valid if I use the right Install directory. But the Mount always returns false.

What should I do? Any Idea?

After downloading and Installing the Folder PersistentDownloadingDir is created with my Install Directory as subfolders and inside that are the Chunk.manifest file and .pak file.
But I’m not able to mount it.

pls HELP

After a long time, I was able to mount the downloaded content. My problem now is that with the additional content only is accessible after downloading. On the next startup, I’m not able to access it. I’m trying to save it in a save game which works for strings, integer but not for images (object variables).

I tried to mount the content on startup again but that doesn’t work.

Same problem here, how did you solved it