Mount fails in Mobile Patching

Hi guys, I’m using the “Mobile Patching System” feature introduced in 4.14 for an android project, to create a small starting map (for the AppStore) that would then download the rest of the game from the cloud. Everything goes well but I’m having a problem in the Mount stage.

These are the steps I’m following:

After running the profiles, a few things were generated:
a. In the game directory, “Android_APK_DLC” folder (as specified in Mobile Packaging Wizard step 3). It contains two folders: App->1.0->EMPTY and HTTPchunks->DLC1.0->…Android_ETC1->DLC1.0->MobileDLC->MobileDLC-Android_ETC1.pak, …Android_ETC1->ManifestDir->EMPTY.
b. In the game directory, “Releases” folder. Releases->1.0->Android_ETC1->MobileDLC-Android_ETC1.pak and AssetRegistry.bin.
c. In the PC’s Documents directory, “Unreal” folder. Contains Android_ETC1 folder with the apk, ChunksV3 folder and the manifest file (MobileDLC_MobileDLCDLC1.0.manifest).

  • Rename the manifest file to “mobileTEST.manifest” and upload this and the ChunksV3 folder to the server.
  • Install the apk generated in the Documents/Unreal/Android_ETC1 folder in the mobile device.
  • Run the game in mobile. The request, download and installation processes were all successful, but the mount process fails with a “Mount failed” error.

I created another C++ project to debug the Mount function and see what went wrong.

The FindPlatformFile(TEXT(“PakFile”)) function is returning null, so then (PakFileMgr == nullptr) is true, the function returns false and the process fails.

Any idea how to solve this problem? Or if I’m doing something wrong? Thanks!

For the mount issue, pls using cmd adb logcat -s UE4 -s debug -s DEBUG to find out the status;
For the nullptr issue, did you check it on windows?

@**vicdelacroix were you able to solve this? **

Do you know how can i create incremental patches for in-game update?