Mount and Blade 2 - Bannerlord [Video]

I will just leave this here :smiley:

It looks good for an indie project. Especially that 266km^2 play field :D.

I like how vegetation looks, and how easy it is to add it to the map (layer painting!).

I wonder what type of renderer they use.


Very Nice.

heads up the thread is named mount and BLAND…I’d imagine that’s a mistake…

also should mention…awesome video…looks great…

Fixed title for you.
Big fan of M&B Warband.

Omg. My ***-life is so over when this comes out. Been playing warband and pendor to pieces.


I have not played much of Warband however I have tried modding it. It was painful that said - I look forward to their official modding tools. :slight_smile:

Bannerlord is looking seriously gorgeous. Can’t wait. M&B is one of my favorite games of all times, and probably the best physics-based melee combat game out there.

That what I call a progress!
I hope they improved animation too

i played this to death too, i hope they’ve kept it as interesting as the first one!

new trailer video released

Extremely excited for bannerlord.
I also am really excited for the mods that will come out of this!

I hope the modders make the mods go to some interesting areas not touched upon by gaming often.
Such as the Victorian era, Boer war, Pre-columbian america, and more attention to detail allowed should make overdone eras fun again.