Motorola phones

Thanks for the link
Are you working on Motorola phones(Razr M, Droid 2, Moto G, Droid E)? Please, keep the link above updated. As soon as the Motorola phones are added I will upgade to 4.3.


I’ve spoken with our Compatibility team to see if we have support for these.

While we don’t have the devices you’ve specifically listed we do have some Android devices that are using the same GPU.

We currently havethe following:

2 devices that use the Adreno 2.25 GPU that matches the Razor M
1 device that uses the Adreno 305 GPU that matches the Moto G
1 device that uses the SGX540 GPU that matches the Droid 3 (You named it the Droid E but whenever I searched this it referred to the Droid 3. Assuming this is what you meant)

While we do not have all Android devices we do have a range that uses the GPUs that those phones have.

I hope this helps!


Tim, thanks for the info. Is “tappy chicken” on your site created with 4.3? It is a Droid 2. Do you have the link? If I put it on my Droid 3, will it work?

Tappy Chicken that is available via Google Play Store is from our 4.3 build. It is updated continually with bug fixes.

There is no other link to download the .apk file other than Play Store. If you can, try downloading this and let us know if you have any issues.

We don’t specifically have a Droid 3 here but we have a phone that uses the same GPU so it SHOULD work. If you’re having issues please let us know and I’ll pass the information along to our compatibility team.

Thank you!


Tim, it works on my Droid 2. Great stuff. My $19 is on the way.

Glad you have it working for you! :slight_smile:

If you have any questions feel free to ask on the AnswerHub or here in the forums. We’ll gladly assist where we can!


I just tried “Tappy Chicken” with 4.3. It does not install. I used the bat file and also pushed the apk file to the Droid 2. The obb directory is created. Neither method works. I did put the question on answerhub. What was the version used with TC on Google Store?


Actually I just answered this on the post here.

I double checked with the compat team and it is built using 4.3.

You had posted this before. So, is it that it works from the Google Play Store but not when you package the game yourself with 4.3?

Let me know and I’ll help you look into this.

While we don’t have a Droid 2 in the office, one of our staff does and he may be willing to let me use it for testing. :slight_smile:



Yes, the Google Play Store version works. Created the apk file with 4.3 that I downloaded yesterday. Used bat file to push to the Droid 2.

set ADB=%ANDROID_HOME%\platform-tools\adb.exe
if not “%1”=="" set DEVICE=-s %1
%ADB% %DEVICE% uninstall com.epicgames.TappyChicken
%ADB% %DEVICE% install TappyChicken-Android-Shipping-armv7.apk
@if “%ERRORLEVEL%” NEQ “0” goto Error
%ADB% %DEVICE% shell rm -r /mnt/sdcard/TappyChicken
%ADB% %DEVICE% shell rm -r /mnt/sdcard/UE4Game/UE4CommandLine.txt
%ADB% %DEVICE% shell rm -r /mnt/sdcard/obb/com.epicgames.TappyChicken
%ADB% %DEVICE% push /mnt/sdcard/obb/com.epicgames.TappyChicken/
if “%ERRORLEVEL%” NEQ “0” goto Error
@echo There was an error installing the game or the obb file. Look above for more info.
@echo Things to try:
@echo Check that the device (and only the device) is listed with “%ADB$ devices” from a command prompt.
@echo Make sure all Developer options look normal on the device
@echo Check that the device has an SD card.

Do you mind editing your question that I answered earlier on the AnswerHub about Tappy Chicken with this information and retitle the question to reflect a packaging error? Or post a new question that you’re having trouble with packaging?

For something like this, it’s much easier if we can track it via the AnswerHub.

If you edit your question to reflect this information I’ll see it pop up in my assigned list. If you post it as a new question can you link that here?

Thank you!