Motorcycle for Mobile Game

Hello, So, I’ve spent a lot of time working on my bike and I’m not happy with the result… Can anyone help me with a guideline and the best way to achieve what I want? I know I’m asking a lot, but I’m almost a month working on this and very new to working with game mechanics.

I have 5 requirements for my bike:

  1. Move forward with increasing speed over time
  2. Well balanced so it doesnt go off the track, It can only roll in the 3 lanes (Y=-300, Y=0, Y=+300)
  3. Switch between lanes with one swipe (one swipe and it makes all the movement)
  4. Ability to Jump and to do a Wheelie/Cram
  5. Be physically based so it reacts better with the environment, like minor bumps and diferent terrains


  1. Which is the best rigging for this situation?
  2. How do I set the constraints for the bike inside UE?
  3. How do I balance the bike?
  4. How to set the bike to do a Wheelie, in the way that the more i press, the more it crams.

make a car instead. then have the wheels of the car be invisible.
rig the front/rear wheels of the bike however you think best and animate them via the same nodes they use for the advance automotive bp so you can get them to spin physically.

In fact, you can probably get a leg up by using the adv. vehicle template and replacing the starting mesh in a copy of the same model. since you don’t seem interested in doing leans this will work rather well.

If you need the bike to lean you can either scrap the idea of using the vehicle default and create your own classes with accurate physics, or you can fudge the lean by using the steering factor as the amount of leaning to apply. just eyeball the math between the max angle and the max lean you can get factored by speed. ei: when riding you can’t lean when going less then 10mph or you basically crash. so if speed is below a certain threshold you animate the front wheel turning, if speed is above you change to the lean.

that should take care of most stuff.
The wheelie is def. harder to achieve, but you can completely fudge that too. just animate the bike tilting up and reduce the amount of avaliable steering/leaning to near 0 values. Actually you can even leave the steering in for more dramatic effects, just keep in mind you need to disable the physical part of the steering and not the animation part. otherwise you’ll just make circles.

While what I said is mostly true for a full on game rather then a mobile endless thing where you have less control and just swipe, you could keep everything like that by using the mobile side tilting as the steering like Unreal racing 3 does. depends on application/game idea I suppose. swiping is less work. steering is always near 0. the lean/banking can be automated upon the swipe.

Hey MostHost LA, first, I think you have told me this invisible wheel way of doing it in a different post, but how would I do that? like, applying an invisible material to the tire mesh?
As for the leaning part, this is valuable input but I really don’t think I’m going to use it tbh… I’m thinking of achieving the lane changing by animation.
And for the wheelie, do you think applying a torque would work?

Thank you so much for all the input! You’re the best!

I think you should animate the wheelie and speed up the speed during the animation. Its probably much faster.

For the invisible wheels, it already essentially works that way. The wheels attached to the adv. Vehicle are defined by a tire class that let’s you manage their radius, turn, back/front etc. Those don’t actually have a mesh or anything that displays, they are purely “virtual” and generally just provide settings and collision (you can see it if you console force show collisions).

Normally on a car you then tie the wheel mesh in and set it to rotate via the AnimBP. Just do the same for the front wheel and rear wheel and you should be set.