Motorbrawl - Multiplayer Vehicular Combat

Motorbrawl is a multiplayer vehicle combat prototype that I’m currently creating for a University module, it will only feature local 4 player splits screen with the ability to add AI, as time constraints are too small for networking (as I’ve not yet dabbled in it, can’t imagine it being quick…) and local does the job fine for now.

The game is basically Rocket League meets Robot Wars as it focuses on fast paced combat and short ranged weapons like giant drills, saw blades and flame throwers. There’s also some support modules (oil, force, shield) and some low ammo long range weapons (rocket launcher, harpoon gun, EMP grenade) but these are not yet fully implemented.

Above is a video of a gameplay test from a few weeks ago, unfortunately my graphics card is dying and so I’m unable to record UE4 without display crashes, so it lacks a lot of new features. There’s also a range of game modes, the one being tested in the video is called ‘Bandits’ where you score by looting the bag your enemies drop, there’s also:

  • Champion - A single player has buffed health and damage and is the only player who can score, kill them to become the champion.
  • Grail - Hold the grail to gain score each second.
  • Survivor - Last man standing.
  • Bounty - Kill the bounty to score, if the bounty kills, reward increases.
  • Zones - Holding zones gains points.

It’s still early days with the project and it won’t be a finished game at the end, it’s more of a proof of concept and the overall aim at the end of the day is to make a fun game. I’m still tweaking controls as this to me is the most important aspect and this needs to be perfect for the game to be enjoyable and fun.