Motivation Platform

In my opinion we all lezy lezy lezy and i repet lezy game creators or graphicks we need a platform where people motivate each other a purpose-built platform a kind of hack-free discord where you chat while you work so one gets motivated while with people working randomly so they all motivate each other
this would increase overall productivity alot out of range!! 3 4 people just need to motivate each other everyone makes his own project and everyone is happy and in a rush mood
the tru is everyone works with information found around the net but get som chats and tips opinions extremely productive but the most important thing during this Covid everyone at home having a chat with people who have similar interests is healthy

UN4 motivation ring to have a chat while pursuing your goals

PS: is very sad to communicate safe todey on any platform you need a cip $50 mini computer with linux and a smartphone internet connection… And we’re making videogames guys!!! and we have to behave like criminals or spies or who knows what…we are all James Bond on the run from James Bond in the cybernetic James Bond universe but without gadgets, women, money and cars and the only license we have is that of unreal engine

it would be very good to have such a premium service honestly a motivator is like a personal trainer!!!

with a person who motivates you all the time a person alone can do the impossible

I’m the Laziest Game Dev I know. I listen to Team Fearless Youtubes.

MotivationHub on you tube win xD

in my opinion the programmers motivator is a new job of the future

In the future, AI will do the programming. So we can really be lazy then.

for an AI first I would like to simplify UN4 for slightly simpler voice commands just to imagine how in my head brain explode sounds super complicated to me they amazon spent billions to make alexa work and alexa sucks for do graphics and blueprints it would take an army of programmers to make an AI for unreal practically it’s like making a mini video game for every single comand and thing present on unreal engine and make an AI that connects all these minigames in a logical and orderly way will take a very long long time before we can make a game in Unreal by talking to an AI

it’s science fiction like a VR MMO