MotionBuilder LiveLink plugin python scripting


I couldn’t find anything on scriptability of the LiveLink plugin for MoBuilder.

If that is not available, please do consider adding this functionality as a critical feature. Reason: on a live mocap stage, actors come and go, the same props. MoBu is scriptable and it is therefore possible to automate un/loading of objects and linking them to the mocap streams. Problem is how to automate this un/loading to unreal if this livelink plugin isn’t scriptable and the only way to change anything is by clicking UI buttons.

The device can be made scriptable (every one has recording, live and online properties, of course, but it is possible to extend the device and expose functions to PY as well, I do guarantee this, worked with one of such devices in past). Basically, it’d mean to make the device offline, use PY to reconfigure data to stream (add, remove skeletal hierarchies, objects etc) and then restart streaming once again. … now, there can be hundreds of shots in a day, imagine repeating this 200x a day manually - and not making mistakes… a nightmare.

Thank You for either pointing me to existing PY plugin docs or considering this feature for future update.

Kind regards,

A second on this request for documentation or features to control MoBu LiveLink plugin through python.