motionbuilder help

is there anyway to limit actor shoulder infulence on my character shoulders? mocap was done by thin person my character is opposite, and it looks bad. how can i limit shoulder influence.

Are you actually using an actor controller or importing the mocap animation? Actors are generally used to hook up to mocap devices so not much you can do about that.

SOP you would first characterize the base rig and then make it a Control Rig input source. From there you can add an actor layer and add the marker set depending on the mocap device.

Once you have your control rig set up though you can easily correct the problem by setting the Characters source to none, select the root of the rig, and from file select Motion File Import into the selected hierarchy followed by baking the mocap to the control rig and from there you can fix the problem.

In this case you would create a layer under the base animations, pull the shoulders up to where they need to be, and on the current take key the first frame and bake it to the base layer. This will then correct the shoulder position from the entire track.