Motion Symphony Recorded Bones Offset

Hello Everyone,

is there someone that uses the plugin “Motion Symphony” and 3ds Max Biped as Character Skeleton?

I added a Root Bone to the Biped and additional foot bones. After some problems with the rotation of the Root bone, my Character now finally moves, but his legs are not moving properly:

When I view the preview in the Motion Data Asset, I can see that there’s an offset on the recorded Foot Bones:

Someone got an Idea what’s causing this?


(Sorry for the nakid Guy)

That doesn’t look like a bone offset problem but a motion matching data problem.
Probably configuration, maybe coverage. Have a look at motion symphony user guide on youtube by the same author of the plugin for a detailed walkthough.


Thanks for your Answer!
I watched all of his Videos before buying the plugin, and I did everything exactly like he does. I even tested the same configuration with the same animations on the UE Skeleton, and it works fine. Furthermore, I also wrote to the creator of Motion Symphony, and he told me that the offset of those recorded bones is most certainly the problem. ​(you can see in the second video that there’s an offset, the blue ‘Helpers’ on the Ground should be at the position of the feet.) I also found out that the animation pretty much looks the same if I don’t have foot pose bones at all, so it doesn’t even notice the foot bones. (All of those problems only occur with the 3ds Max Biped)

Did you find a solution for this ? I’ve been stuck on this for the past week and nothing

I kinda did but Idk if it works for you… first thing was that the Animations had to start with the root bone at Zero in Position and Rotation. (in 3ds Max) and idk if its important but my character faces in -y (also in max) axis at frame 0 (doesnt matter where he faces on the next frames).
For the Retargeted MotionSymphony Animations: they didnt work for my character right after retargeting, but when I exported them out of UE and imported them again onto my character skeleton, they worked.
Hope I could help!

What is the orientation of your character root bone after I retarget the Motion symphony animations it seems that the animations are offset by 180 degrees, also what does your Configuration settings look like ?