Motion Sensor similar to Halo


I’ve been pretty curious to get a working motion sensor kind of like Halo working with Visual Scripting. If anyone could either point me in a good direction or just post some tips in the comments below.



Hey Dawkness. I haven’t played Halo in a long time, and I never owned it myself, so could you give us a reminder of what the motion sensor in Halo does? If you just want to know if an actor has entered a zone, then creating a Trigger Volume and giving it an On Overlap event would do that.

Judging by what I read on the Halo wiki. The motion sensor is more like a minimap that detects only moving enemies. Not actually played Halo in years, so I might be wrong.

So the way I’d go about it would probably be something like:

  • get the velocity of all enemies in a (sphere?) volume around the player
  • check if the velocity is above the threshold you want ( velocity > 0, if any movement counts. Or make it higher if slow movement shouldn’t trigger it.)
  • get locations of all moving enemies (relative to the player’s location)
  • translate those coordinates into something manageable for the HUD (like 1000 X-units in the world is 10 X-pixels on the HUD for example)
  • draw an icon onto the HUD and offset it by the amount you got from the coordinates (centred from your minimap or wherever you like).