Motion Matching / Warped rootmotion Matching

I watched videos from these two different people and they seem to have similar animations, maybe I’m wrong, but so far this is the best I’ve seen for unreal engine 5.

If you add active ragdolls (like gta/rdr)
As well as making a good, realistic combat system (rdr 2/tlou2), it will be a really good solution for AAA and indie games.

What do you think?

Motion symphony by cptken

Warped rootmotion Matching by Marcus Dev.

@MostHost_LA Which one do you think is better? Of course, I’ll look at your decision when it’s shown, and I’ll compare three, and in the future there will be ue5 and its chips for animation, and I’ll compare all the animation systems to choose the best one that is.

Just imagine, active ragdolls like in gta/rdr and a realistic combat system like in rdr 2 and motion Matching, it’s great.

Combat system and ragdoll: