Motion input returns zero values in UE4.27.0

Hi! I have problems with motion input when i using UE4.27.0. The Tilt, Gravity, etc. returns zero values for all x,y,z axis. With using UE4.26.2 i don’t have such problem.
No mater if i create blank project or launch an old one.

I was frustrated with this for a weak now, and thanks for the idea to install 4.26 and check that too. Surprise, surprise, there it works.
I submitted a bug report, Let’s just hope that somebody will actually look into this and an update to the engine comes soon.

Man! I’ve scoured all of the forums and I’d only find posts from back in the years of 2014-2015 which DO NOT HELP.

So far, I’ve tested the GetInputMotionState (tilt, rotation, gravity and acceleration) on the following devices and one of them gives ZERO values for all of these sensors:

  1. Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime (gives zeroes for everything).
  2. Google Pixel 4a (gives all the values and goes haywire when the device is lying on the table).
  3. Redmi Note 3 (same as Google Pixel).

Now SOMEBODY tell me what the actual puff is wrong with this?

I use the same .APK file on all of these 3 devices and get 2 different results; values and zeroes. WHY?! >;/

There no problem in devices, or SDK. The only problem is the Engine code which give a bug and return always zero value. It’s like a function of multiplying by zero.