Motion graphics with Unreal

Hello all, first time posting. I always used C4D and after effects for motion graphics, I do think Unreal and Unity will be the future, at this stage I am quite new to both programs. I would like to learn more about Unreal, and that’s why I am posting to ask your help to link me to a nice tutorial that I can learn about motion graphics and 3D visualization in Unreal, I have made a tutorial on Linked in that they teach how to render a bottle, is there any other nice tutorials that I can learn more? Thank you

UE gives a lot of freedom to experimenting because real-time - but for beginners - motion graphics+UE - it may be rather bottleneck. You have a lot limitation with stuff like fluid simulations, vertex animation, and sequencer may be not the right place for starting to animate your elements - this mean you will always need to import the animation from other program. Where UE shine is if you want to create vast levels and worlds and achieve realism or style quick. But for small and specific motion graphics ideas - instead of advantage - it may become pain.

So if you seek that real-time speed - you better look at the new Blender?

Anyway - Youtube is full of tutorials for both!

I can’t speak about blender since I don’t have much experience with it
but for UE4 rendering motion graphics

you better get used to something like houdini, because just getting things into unreal that isn’t bone based and game ready can be tricky
the gamedev tools can help a lot for stuff like that

but as a start
learning from all the free projects they have is a good start
like paragon assets and whatnot

This course on LinkedIn Learning is a decent place to start:

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial and watch this. I have the same background as you, and this course helped get my feet wet, though to be honest I am finding Unreal to be a big bag of frustration as the folks who make it seem keen on making sure it doesn’t work in a manner consistent with literally every other animation program ever created, so prepare yourself for some frustration. I imagine I will eventually decode the ‘logic’ of this program, but there is definitely a HUGE adjustment to workflow.

Some of the stuff that’s vexing to me (fbx imports not preserving object axis locations being high on that list) might be mitigated by the currently in alpha testing c4d scene importer. My hope is that bridge will allow me to model and animate with the more robust tools of Cinema, and then bring into UE4 for adding particle effects and rendering. Time will tell.