Motion graphics style menus and buttons combined / blended in with cinematics ...

Wanna use Dishonored as an example.
Was build with Unreal 3 I believe.
They used Scaleform to create beautiful graphics style intros with buttons in the form of graphics.
Just wondering if the UMG will go in that direction.
I mean … who wants “buttons” in their game? :slight_smile:

For example you have a 2D illustration of a wine glass that would fill up after you click on it.
Something you would do in Flash for example.
Can you still bring Flash animations into Unreal 4?
Think you could do that in U.D.K.

We don’t support flash in UE4 out of the box, Scaleform has an integration that you can license and use though.

Depending on what the effect is, you can probably already do it with UMG. Filling up a wine glass could be as trivial as adjusting a material parameter, to shift a blend on wine/no-wine gradient mask. If it needs to be far fancier, you can always use the scene renderer, there’s no reason why all 2D elements on the screen need to be UMG. Unless you need to composite UMG / Scene / UMG, then it gets trickier.

Great thanks Nick. Bummer about Flash not being supported :slight_smile: