Motion graphics studio seeks Unreal guru for consultation and programming work

We are shifting one of our ongoing projects from Maxon C4D to Unreal Engine as we think Unreal will be a better suited platform in many aspects. The final product will remain as a pre-rendered movie, not an interactive game, but will now be built in Unreal. We are proficient at C4D but relatively inexperienced with Unreal.

We would like to work with someone with a very high level understanding of Unreal who can advise us on the best ways to get the results we want from this migration. Also, it’s likely that we will require programming work [likely in the form of Blueprints] to help us achieve some of the unique challenges our project poses.
Some key challenges are:

  • rendering to a panoramic projection [6144x864 pixels]
  • dealing with very vast landscapes, sometimes with dense vegetation
  • road building that will require a unique approach
  • incorporating beat reactive elements into scenes [pulsing lights and animations to the music].

This is a very cool project that we are very proud of and have made 12 editions of so far over the last 3 years. We are excited about the new possibilities that Unreal can bring. Please get in touch if you think this is a good fit for you. We will share further details with you and perhaps it will be the beginning of a lasting relationship.

Many thanks,

Creative Director
Darkroom Motion Graphics Studio

Hey @DKRM_studio this sounds like a project that is right up our alley. I’ll send over a PM today so we can schedule a time to chat more. Cheers!

Hi Ryan,

Sounds good! Can you give me a call +6421963796?