Motion controller and multiplayer (Nightmare)

Hello to everyone, i confess I’m becoming crazy trying to solve this problem.
I’m developing a multiplayer prototype for VR (HTC VIVE) where i’m trying to let connect people in a map and just try to correctly replicate the motion controller and movement of motion controller and HMD of each character. The problem it seams that the movement of motion controller seems to be mirrored between the clients. I perfectly manage to replicate animation through multiplayer, but with the motion controller and HMD transformation which have to be update to every tick event, it seems to be a nightmare.
Does anyone facing a similar problem? I just want to specify that i’m using a player character class.
Thank you in advance

Get world location and get world rotation of motion controllers and the camera usually gave me a solid result. Do you have them stored in different variables?

Hello Fus, Thanx for your reply.
Actually what I’m doing is exactly what you mean, I get the world transformation of both motion controller and Head, is set up these information in variables and i pass them in the animation bluprint in order to simulate the movement of a full body with the IK Logic.
In single player works perfect.
The problem is when i try to move in networking environment. What I did is to calculate the the motion controller and camera transformation variable every tick in an event set up with: run on owing client, after i pass all the information through RPC using an event marked as run on server… I have to say i have several problem on it.
Unfortunately I’m not in front of my computer now, this evening I’ll try to send a screen about my blueprint.