Motion Capture Workflow - Brekel - Kinect 2 and Unreal

Do you have a working Kinect 2 -> Brekel -> Unreal pipeline?

I now have a Kinect 2 working within the Brekel Body 2 trial software - but I am stuck trying to import the mocap animations as FBX files into Unreal and connected to the Mannequin. Error message about Root Bone problems…

Is there a straightforward workflow for Unreal and Brekel Body 2?

Did I miss a Microsoft SDK skeleton that Brekel uses - to import to Unreal and rig to the Mannequin? All my characters use the Mannequin.

Is it more straightforward to the use Live Link from Brekel to Unreal and record MoCap within Unreal? (the trial demo does not include Live Link)

I understand that my Brekel animations will be a little loose and floppy - I plan to do cleanups in Akeytsu, similar to Blender.

Thank you for considering my request for help…

Update - I was able to get Brekel Body 2 mocap into Unreal and rigged to the Mannequin, via FBX

I am posting the details on a new Posting here in the Forum - click on my user name or search under Kinect or Success