Motion capture technology: the key to making virtual humans "alive" in UE4 animation


The concept of the metaverse is popular, and thanks to the rapid development of a number of basic technologies, the application scenarios of virtual humans are also constantly expanding. Many companies are using virtual technology to carry out cultural dissemination, and use new forms of expression to enhance the interactive look and feel to gain popularity.

Virtual anchors and 3D animation production can be said to be the most widely used forms of virtual technology. We can always see virtual people with free and flexible movements on the screen. In fact, they all use motion capture technology.

What does a motion capture suit look like?

Motion capture suit mainly involves three components: the upper and lower body, the face and the fingers. The more connection points, the more detailed the movement.

  1. Body capture is to capture the main movable bone joints and other parts of the body, and to restore the operation of the body based on the construction of a human skeleton model.

  2. At this stage, there are two key methods of establishing different accuracy of face capture: 1) Obtain facial emotion data information according to the face identification points, 2) Apply the 3D camera to load the face lattice using the principle of structured light pattern design.

  3. Finger motion capture is to restore the movement of the finger, which is a sign of the improvement of the capture precision and the ability of the capture system software to solve the work.

The three motion capture positions of body capture, finger capture, and face capture will continue to be developed and upgraded, which will greatly improve the efficiency of 3D actions, and hopefully there will be a large number of transaction-level applications based on motion capture.

Principle of motion capture suit

The principle of virtual anchor motion capture equipment is to track and accurately measure the trajectories of people and other objects in three-dimensional space, and finally solve the recorded data information according to certain technologies, and then use computer principles to reconstruct virtual characters. , then the virtual anchor is created.

Equipment advantages

Easy to wear: This inertial motion capture device includes 27 key nodes in the whole body, with a simple design and easy adjustment of Velcro, suitable for all ages and all types.

Accurate capture: 360┬░pose capture range, no angle limit, single pose calibration can be driven in real time, through the self-developed algorithm to accurately capture human movements, you can view the effect in the motion capture system in real time.

Super battery life: It can be fully charged in two hours, and the wireless battery life can be three hours without the constraints of the charging cable. It also supports charging and using, no need to worry about electricity.

Soft System support

With the advanced version of the motion capture system VDMocap Studio, it is compatible with motion capture and face capture functions, and supports importing 3D models for data recording. , providing great convenience and technical support for 3D animation production or engine real-time motion capture data docking.

Support mainstream applications

Virdyn VDSUIT-FULL support mainstream applications such as Unity3D, UE4, 3D MAX, MAYA, MotionBuilder, etc. Data types include RAW, QUA, EULER, BVH, FBXO